In the search area, our primary focus is on C-level, management level, specialists and key employees. All consultants in Human360 have many years of experience as well as expertise in finding suitable candidates and assessing the right match. We move in the private and public sectors, primarily in the Scandinavian market.

Within management consulting, our focus is on business development through people, and supporting the company's leadership that strengthens execution, the skilled leader, the strong leadership team and the organization's tasks and performance.

All advisors in Human360 who work with Management consulting also have practical experience as strategic leaders at C-level.

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Morten Elbro
Managing Partner
+45 28 58 00 56
Ole Knokgård
Managing partner
+45 20 44 23 22
Lone Carlbom
+46 072 236 1919
Claus Ellegaard
+45 40 25 13 09
Kim Hansen
+45 21 32 89 72
Harri Immonen
+358 400 425116
Niklas Spångberg
+358 505 59294
Kari Forss
Managing Partner
+358 405 031124