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Leadership lab

Strong leadership is both about individual strong leaders and a strong leadership team. In Human360, we coach and train the individual manager to fill the framework for his managerial job in the best possible way.

Performance Impact Development is the concept behind our Leadership LAB. Leadership LAB is not courses, but a workshop form, which provides an opportunity to go to the "labatorium" and immerse oneself in its managerial challenges in relation to strategy and business development, in the effort to get the organization's full potential in play.

Examples on workshops

Value-based sales and service strategy

Our research tells us that companies can increase sales power by an average of 35-40% through a better understanding of customer value creation. Sales is a dynamic and complex process on which our products and services success is completely dependent. Go to the "lab," leadership lab, and immerse yourself in your company's value creation and your leadership challenges in relation to strategy and business development.

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Leadership on the agenda

In management, operations and development naturally take up a lot of space, but how often do you have management on the agenda? Boost your company and management's execution ability and create even better results. Gain greater insight and self-insight, and strengthen the leadership power through the choice of leadership styles, behaviors and tools, and get an even stronger leadership focus with you.

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